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Friday-it’s promise, it’s potential…

Imagine if you could harness that feeling every day?

Assuming (and in this day it is a big assume), that you are not working on Saturday and Sunday, it’s a huge, ‘feel good’ feeling and we all get it when we know that our time is our own and not subject to the need to produce/consume.

It’s an emotional time shift, it’s a surreptitious smile, a nod, a wink an all-encompassing warm blanket of justification. The time that was given to you as a child and stolen as an adult is momentarily bequeathed back to you.

We recognise that this is fleeting, it empowers the act with something bordering on a spiritual awakening. We are at our lowest ebb, susceptible to the emotions we have ignored in the work days preceding. The unsaid words, the conversations that were not fully understood.

All of these things bear fruition with the space to think.

They take on a new life real or imagined, our spirit is so crushed we don’t recognise the damage that is being done and we lash out and close down to those who probably understand us the most.

Is it not that surprising therefore, that the incidents of violence whether self, mental or inflicted on others are at their highest at the weekend than at any other time?

The constraints that we impose on ourselves are not natural and perhaps that is why we rebel in such predictable ways.  The tribal football/rugby games, the competitive will to project our personality that has been subsumed and repressed will find an exit.

Lions that are imprisoned in Victorian zoos are often seen  pacing manically from one end of their enclosure to the other, Chimps and Monkeys show classic signs of distress by defecating and smearing their surroundings.

Our own reactions to restriction are therefore not that difficult to understand surely?

We are allegedly the higher primate? the higher species? these are the charges levelled against, I see no such pretensions.

The similarity is pretty bloody obvious to me..